Universal Design

Universal design ensuring user-friendlines. A brighter and more confortable space

Highly-Visible LCD Display

An LCD display allowing smooth character expression is adopted for in-car indicators. The display further enhances visibility, along with a color arrangement visible even for those with weak eyesight or color blindness, thus realizing "barrier free in color." Further, since the LCD display ensures various indications such as arrival indication, emergency operations, etc., it also plays announcements for those with impaired hearing.

More Recognizable "Tactile Buttons"

We provide clearer numerals and indications on "tactile buttons" for use by the vision impaired, thus making destination floors and door opening/closing indications more recognizable. In addition, when a destination floor is registered, the numeral will illuminate in orange color for better visibility.

Souding Function for Car/Hall Buttons

Activation of car operating buttons on the car operating board (COB) or hall buttons is acknowledged with a short beep. Since registration of a destination floor or a call can be confirmed with a sound, those with impaired sight can use the elevator without anxiety.

Vibration Finish Stainless Steel

Vibration-finished stainless steel is adopted for the return panels at the car door ends and the faceplate of the car operating board. The finish tarnishes the brilliant metal and presents a soft, staid and exclusive atmosphere.

Colored Display to Prevent Operation of the Wrong Button

The door open/close buttons and the intercom call button are distinguished from each other with different colors according to their functions, which prevents passengers from pressing the wrong button. Further, the markings and the button perimeter area of the "Door Open" button are designed to blink, enabling passengers to easily find the button when the doors are being closed.

COB (Car Operating Board)

We adopted LCD display for indicators. The display further enhances visibility along with color arrangement visible even for people with weak eyesight and color blindness. For the push buttons, we adopted "tactile buttons" with clearer numerals and indications, in addition to the sound function, color distinction by function and others. For the faceplate, stainless steel is used with vibration finish, which tarnishes the brilliant metal and presents a soft, staid and exclusive atmosphere.

Hall Devices

For the hall devices, we employed thin-type wall-mounted hall indicators and hall buttons having thickness of no more than 18 mm, so that they can be easily mounted on the walls of elevator halls.
For push buttons, the tactile buttons and the sound functions are featured, considering use by the vision impaired.

Bright Ceiling

For ceiling lights, inverter-type light equipment featuring high light-emitting efficiency is employed. The luminance has been further enhanced compared with conventional equipment, thus realizing bright in-car space.